French Connection

The French Connection is a simple mixed drink requiring no flashy bartending skills so of course it’s right up our alley. The simple pairing of cognac and amaretto makes for a stunning after dinner drink or nightcap.

French Connection
Quick Guide

French Connection

What is it?
A French Connection is a cocktail made with equal parts cognac and amaretto liqueur.

Where is it from?
Though there is no definite history, we can assume its called a French Connection because of the ingredients originating from different countries - cognac from France and amaretto from Italy.
What does it taste like?
The cognac adds warmth and the flavour mixes nicely with a quality amaretto liqueur. Drinks as simple as this depend more on high-end spirits so make sure you’re using the good stuff.



The 1971 movie French Connection, starring Gene Hackman, had one of the greatest car chases in movie history and was the first R-rated Academy Award winner for best picture. The French Connection definitely deserves to have a hip drink named after it.


  • 30ml cognac
  • 30ml amaretto liqueur 


1. Pour all ingredients directly into a snifter. 
2. Stir gently.
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