Hennyville Slugger

Some would call it blasphemy to mix cognac with anything a snifter and a Cuban cigar. Not with this American inspired effervescent take called the Hennyville Slugger featuring Hennessy cognac. 

Hennyville Slugger
Quick Guide

Hennyville Slugger

What is it?
A Hennyville Slugger is a cocktail made cognac, specifically Hennessy, and lemon juice topped with lemonade.

Where is it from?
Cognac is a distilled spirit made from crushed and fermented white grapes and aged for at least two years. It originated in the small town of Cognac, France, just south of the Bordeaux wine region. As its name would suggest the Hennyville Slugger is a American take on how to mix what some would deem the un-mixable.

What does it taste like?
Cognac has an unmistakable smooth flavours of nuts, vanilla and caramel coupled with strong fragrance. It’s flavours are lifted and sweetened with the effervescent lemonade.




Prefer a Hennessy Martini instead? Pour the cognac into a cocktail shaker with ice. Add a squeeze of a lemon wedge, and shake. Strain into a chilled martini cocktail glass.


  • 60ml Hennessy cognac
  • 120ml lemonade
  • Lemon


1. Pour the cognac into a tall glass filled with ice.
2. Fill the remainder of the glass with lemonade. 
3. Squeeze 1/2 of a lemon into the drink and garnish with lemon wedges.
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