La Bandita

If your tequila experience has been limited to shots with lemon and salt, then expand your horizons and check out this smooth little blend we call La Bandita.

La Bandita
Quick Guide

La Bandita

What is it?
A contemporary take on tequila with the addition of bourbon, hazelnut liqueur, and bitters.

Where is it from?
Tequila is exclusively produced in Mexico. When not enjoyed straight its use is widespread when served in a Margarita which is very popular in North America.

What does it taste like?
The La Bandita is a contemporary take on how to serve tequila with bourbon adding some smoky flavours and creamy hazelnut liqueur leaving a nutty smooth finish.





Tequila is made from the Blue Agave plant, which is classified as a succulent, and actually a member of the lily family.


  • 30ml tequila 
  • 15ml bourbon
  • 15ml hazelnut liqueur
  • 2 dashes bitters


1. Add all ingredients to a shaker. 
2. Shake and strain into stemless martini glass. 
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