It doesn't get any easier than this, the basic Mimosa recipe calls for a bottle of your favourite sparkling wine (or Champagne) and orange juice. A dash of each and you are in business to celebrate a wedding, Mother's Day, whatever the occasion - nothing says fancy like a Mimosa.

Quick Guide


What is it?
A Mimosa is a cocktail-like drink composed of one part sparkling wine (or Champagne) ) and one part thoroughly chilled orange juice.

Where is it from?
It is believed to have been invented circa 1925 in the Hôtel Ritz, Paris and is today enjoyed the world over.
What does it taste like?
The sweet effervescence of a Mimosa is unmistakably delightful in the morning, for brunch or at any formal event. The orange juice provides a refreshing flavour while a good quality dry sparkling wine is key. 



In Britain, the mixture of orange juice and Champagne is still referred to as a Buck's Fizz. It was believed to have been invented in England in 1921, 4 years before the Mimosa.


  • Sparkling wine/Champagne
  • Orange juice
  • Triple sec (optional)
  • Orange, sliced


1. Fill half of a Champagne flute with chilled sparkling wine or champagne.
2. Top with chilled orange juice, gently stir. 
3. If you'd like to add triple sec, just a splash to taste works out fine. 
4. Garnish with sliced orange.
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