Rekorderlig Warm Serve

From its humble Swedish roots, Rekorderlig has grown to be a much-loved, fourth generation family-brewed cider. While extremely popular when enjoyed over ice during Summertime our European friends consistently talk up cider’s versatility when served warm during Winter months.

Rekorderlig Mulled Cider
Quick Guide

Rekorderlig Warm Serve

What is it?
Mulled cider or "mulled cider" is a popular Winter beverage. It consists of cider, heated to a temperature just below boiling, with either cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg, cloves, or other spices added.

Where is it from?
Rekorderlig was first created in 1999 with the purest spring water from Vimmerby, Sweden. 

What does it taste like?
Warm your whole body with the delicious Rekorderlig Warm Serve. This cold weather warmer can be made spicy or sweet, or you can add other juices to change the flavour. Open to experimentation, we’ve added a citrus influence to our warm cider with a slice of orange.





Whether you are drinking a Rekorderlig in London, New York, Melbourne or Sydney - every drop is still made in a sleepy Swedish town called Vimmerby in the south of Sweden.


  • 250ml Rekorderlig Cider
  • Slice of orange


1. Pour the cider into a pan and heat gently (do not boil).
2. Add a slice of orange. Serve and enjoy.
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