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Australia is the first country in the world to experience a new, richer blend from Chivas – Chivas Regal Extra.

Chivas Regal Extra
Quick Guide

Chivas Regal

What is it?

A new blended whisky from the oldest Highland distillery in Scotland, Chivas Regal Extra is a premium whisky to enjoy on its own or with water.

Where's it from?

The Strathisla Distillery in Speyside, Scotland, is both the home to Chivas Regal, and the oldest operating Highland distillery, founded in 1786.

What does it taste like?

Enhancing the signature richness and warmth of other Chivas Regal blends, Extra is matured in sherry-rich oak barrels and provides a spicier, fruitier, sweeter flavour on the palate


Just add a small splash of natural still water to maximise the release of its generous aromas and flavours.


Australia is the first country in the world to experience a new, richer blend from Chivas – Chivas Regal Extra.

In a world first, Chivas Regal chose to launch their newest blended Scotch whisky, Chivas Regal Extra, here in Australia. The first new blend launch from the Speyside distillery in almost 10 years*, the whisky is a smoky blend of rich, fruity aromas and subtle toffee notes.



Whisky Tradition

Scotch whisky is renowned the world over, but the Speyside region of north eastern Scotland is particularly recognised for its finer, more honeyed flavours. This is largely due to the water used during the distilling process – there’s a low mineral content in Speyside, resulting in soft water without any of the peatiness or salinity of other Scottish whisky regions.
Chivas Regal has been blending whiskies in Speyside since the 1850s. The Chivas brothers were originally purveyors under a Royal Warrant to Queen Victoria, but launched their first whisky blend, Royal Glen Dee in answer to growing demand from local customers. The first Chivas Regal whisky blend was developed in 1909, a 25 year aged luxury blend, and the company’s innovations have continued ever since.
Harnessing that whisky blending pedigree today, Chivas Regal’s master blender, Colin Scott, has developed Chivas Regal Extra blend to provide...well...extra. More complexity; more intense flavour,more maturity and richness. The building blocks involve combining a number of specially selected rare and malt whiskies, with the final blend being matured in a higher proportion of sherry casks from the Oloroso sherry bodegas in Spain. Unsurprisingly, sherry notes abound in the final flavour.
The resulting spirit is deep amber in colour with a mellow, viscous texture. It’s 40%ABV so handle with care, as indeed such a generous and luxurious liquor deserves to be.

Chivas Regal Extra Flavour

Rest assured, the signature richness and warmth of traditional Chivas Regal blends has only been enhanced, not altered. The first aromas to tantalise your senses upon picking up your glass and taking a long, slow inhale are those of rich fruit; ripe pears and melon. The lingering scent will then transform into subtle sweet notes of creamy toffee and milk chocolate, balanced with cinnamon and a hint of ginger. If it were a food, you’d be tucking into sweet, whisky poached pears lathered in vanilla caramel custard, topped with a dash of cinnamon and almond crumbs. Which of course leads us to think about what to eat with it...?

Chivas Regal Extra Food Matching

As with all whiskies, Chivas Regal Extra can be enjoyed quite nicely on its own, thank you very much. Indeed, it’s more likely you’ll be enjoying a tipple pre or post-dinner in which case all you need is some good music and lighting. But if you did choose to pair it with food, it’s imperative that the whisky’s distinct richness is matched with similarly complex food. Clam chowder, Tasmanian salmon with lemongrass, beef tenderloin topped by foie gras or bitter flourless chocolate cake could take you from starter to dessert whilst enjoying Chivas Regal Extra. However you choose to enjoy, as Chivas themselves recommend, make sure you celebrate the elegance of control in your measures!

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