Horses Neck

There is no better marriage between a spirit and a mixer than when bourbon ties the knot with ginger ale. A long, winding citrus peel garnishes this drink, akin to the neck of a horse hanging over the edge and this is what supposedly gives the Horses Neck its name. 

Quick Guide

Horses Neck

What is it?

A Horses Neck is an American cocktail made with bourbon (or sometimes brandy) and ginger ale, with a long spiralled citrus peel draped over the edge of a glass.

Where's it from?

Origins of the Horses Neck date back to a 1890’s in the US where it was a non-alcoholic mixture of ginger ale, ice and citrus peel. By the 1910’s, bourbon, or brandy would be added to create a 'Horse's Neck with a Kick'. Today the mocktail variety has made way for the more popular alcohol variety.

What does it taste like?

Originally designed as a refreshing mocktail, or a fancy ginger ale, a Horses Neck is smooth and very easy to drink. A good quality ginger ale is the key, more so than the quality of the bourbon. There are some hints of brown sugar and warmth from both the ginger and the bourbon. The whole drink is set off nicely by the hit of citrus. It really is perfect all year round.




When made with Maker's Mark bourbon a Horses Neck is commonly referred to as a Kentucky Gentleman.


  • 45ml bourbon
  • 120ml ginger beer 
  • Orange rind


  1. Build all ingredients in a glass filled with ice.
  2. Stir through and garnish with an orange rind.
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