McGuigan Zero - Full of Flavour, Free of Alcohol

Quick Guide

What is McGuigan Zero?

McGuigan Zero is the new range of alcohol free wine from McGuigan winemakers. 


How is it made?

McGuigan Zero starts off the same way as all your favourite McGuigan wines! The alcohol is then gently removed so that the wine retains all its flavour. 


Anything else you should know?

McGuigan Zero wines are lower calorie, lower sugar & gluten-free!  

New Year, New You?

Most of us know that alcohol contains calories, but we don’t realise just how much it can impact our health and that it may be alcohol causing weight gain. It’s easy to see how you can lose track or not notice that your alcohol consumption could be what’s preventing you from losing a few KGs.

Fortunately there is now a solution for your New Year’s resolution – McGuigan Zero alcohol-free wines. Free from alcohol, full in flavour, McGuigan Zero is crafted just like all McGuigan wines, with one extra step where the alcohol is gently removed to ensure the wine retains its delicate fruit flavours. McGuigan Zero is available now at Bottlemart in Sparkling, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay & Shiraz.

Adding McGuigan Zero to your repertoire means you can still enjoy a glass of wine while reducing your alcohol intake to help achieve your personal health goals.

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